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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 17:33:59 -0700
Tower experts and or engineering people:
My antenna Cushcraft (Big Thunder) X9 and the rotor is a Yaesu G-800s
I have 5 sections of used Rohn 25G (4 middle and 1 sleeve top) (I'm
thinking about 1 more section) I need a rotor plate, 2 guy bracket
assemblies Phillystran and ends. IMHO
Tower location next to the house. The house and garage form a "L" shape
and the tower is planned for the inside corner and attached to the house
on two sides. I plan to guy it from the roof by rotating the base to a
angle that divides the angles equally (not a perfect 120 deg but close)
I'm located on a city lot (61'X 97')in a small town in central
Washington state "Ephrata" (zip 98823)
I'm on a low budget so if the cost is too high I won't be able to have a
tower at all. (those people don't need to respond).
I'm trying to solve the engineering issues in advance.
Concrete base I'm thinking a cubic yard under the tower and a patio slab
4"  10' out from the house and 27' long also a 4'X18' side walk
extending from the patio slab along the garage. My plan was to use #4
rebar on 12" spacing with a cage in the cubic yard for the tower.
Grounding question connecting to bolts of the tower to the rebar and
driving a 8' ground rod in the bottom of the cubic yard hole (will this
work) can I do more? I'm pretty much limited to in or under the


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