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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:29:49 -0700
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Don- might preface this -- have a friend , at time , ex- call K7GWE, his =
call now is W7HR, who had had a novice license, and after expired - =
couldnt renew it! this, as Novice licenses were one shot at the time- =
over 40 years ago! (Gawd, this going to get boreing!  )  only license he =
could get was as a technician  !  friends in school with him (now K7RWT, =
ect .thought someone we were friends with would be nice to talk to (why =
only talk to someone you dont know?) (on six), and, ME(old call K7ZFG), =
and couple years later WA7BJU now NN7J), and another friend from school  =
WA7RTA, new one is KB7WW- we all, along with many majic banders got =
here- and found--- LOTSA STATIC, TECHS, who couldnt UPGRADE (includeing =
myself infront of the steely eyed FCC ! , and more , from Portland, OR , =
Dave, ( N7DB), and his buddy in Boreing , OR., (scott now in tucson)  =
but, as time progressed , passed the 20 wpm in front of the same STEELY =
EYED FCC EXAMINERS! all got to advanced, or better, and ALL of us, for =
some reason (even HR) kept equipment for six!  the rest of us (hr, =
mainly now dc band dxer) are STILL on the MAJIC band. we ALL still =
active, tho each of us have different objectives, ME? maybe pushing to =
the max (but have M2 7 el ant at 30 ft, 100 watts) BJU trying for the =
Biggest ant can get up and, btw , check out some of the moonbouncers on =
six for the ultamate dx!) , K7RWT, NN7J,and KB7WW finally got Worked all =
Conenants on 6 (west coast great for was, not wac, they been looking for =
europe for about 35-40 years!)  and, me-- just trying to push a sig to =
whereever i can!
hope didn't bore you or anyone else to death! 73 , jim nn7k
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  Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 5:30 PM
  Subject: 6m questions

  Hi Jim,

  I just read your response concerning micro power on 6, on the TT =
  WOW -- FB.
  Would you please explain your 6 meter antenna setup? Receiver(s)?

  Thanks es 73,
  Don - K4BEV=20

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