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[Towertalk] Barrel connector disassembly

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Subject: [Towertalk] Barrel connector disassembly
From: john naberezny" < (john naberezny)
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:33:07 -0400
Hi Folks,
    If you are trying to take an Amphenol PL258 83-1J barrel connector =
apart to build a hardline/coax connector, here is the trick:
   tools needed:
      vice,hacksaw,masking tape, and the YL's common pin.=20
     Look at the connector and find the printing to get orientated on =
the connector.Your thumb should be on the bottom now, turn it upside =
down and put some masking tape around the outside of the connector. Take =
 the common pin and run around the retaining ring with the point until =
you find the break in the ring.
    Mark the tape top and indicate the break in the ring location. Place =
the connector vertically in your vise with the topside up and the mark =
at 12 o'clock. Now at 6 o'clock start cutting into the connector gently =
with a 45 degree angle upward motion with you hacksaw. You won't go that =
deep before that ring pops out, and don't worry about the threads you =
cut into.
    This procedure works on the Amphenol connectors I used, don't know =
about others.=20
   Another hint on 1" hardline, if you take the cutting wheel out of =
your tubing cutter, you can used it to reduce the OD on the cable to the =
point where you can get a sweat fitting to snugly slide over the cable.
     Thanks Folks, enjoy this reflector,73, John WE2F

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