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Subject: [Towertalk] 160 Meter Sloper
From: (Maurizio Panicara)
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 16:13:52 +0200

it' won't work properly.
The slooper is a sort of a slant, upside down GP antenna.
To make it working then you need all the metal (large antennas) that's on
the tower top, grounding the wire that comes down from the pulley isn't
If you dont' ground the coax at tower top, better you plan an inverted V
dipole, or eventually (I would choose this option) an inverted L trying to
keep as much as possible horizontal the high wire.

Mauri I4JMY

> I'm planning to put up a 1/4 wave sloper for 160. I understand that the
> usual approach is to ground the shield of the coax at the top of the tower
> and connect a 1/4 wave of wire to the hot side of the coax and run it out
> approximately 45 degrees. ...I don't want to climb my tower to put my
> up and I have a pulley mounted at the top of the tower.
> Can I attach the ground side of the coax to wire and run it back down the
> tower, grounding it at the bottom of the tower? This will allow me to put
> the sloper without climbing the tower. (Tower is 120 feet tall with a
> tribander and 2 element stacked on top.) It seems like this would be about
> the same thing as using the tower as the ground.
> Bill, W5VX
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