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Subject: [Towertalk] 3 high stack
From: (Barry )
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 19:59:51 -0000
I have a 3 TH7s (25, 40 and 76 ft). The upper two are phased. The 
bottom one is usually used with the second radio, but occasionally with 
the run radio, depending on band and condx.
There have been plenty of times the lowest TH7 was several S-units 
better than either of the upper two alone or phased, to Europe on 10m. 
It's been sometimes better on 15 (often the same) and never better on 
20 (usually worse).
In your case, I don't think that low antenna will do you much good 
1. I'm on the east coast and your not. You need lower angles.
2. The "lower is best" scenario is fading away with the sunspots. 
Barry W2UP

On 20 Jul 2002 Peter Larsen wrote:

> Hi All:
> I am thinking of doing a stack on my short tower.
> I have a TH-3 that will be at 72 feet. I can fit another
> TH-3 at 48 feet fixed on Europe.
> Now after reading some of the guy's posts here about
> low HF antennas to fill in the gaps, I am thinking about
> maybe another TH-3 at 24 feet.
> This would give me a 3 high to Europe that should work
> well on 10. Maybe OK on 15. Upper and lower on 20
> should be fun as well.
> Changing antennas isn't an option because of my guy wires.
> Comments please.
> (Just in the dream stage right now :-)
> Peter
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