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Subject: Fw: [Towertalk] Cable Ties?
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Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 15:18:58 -0700
Also, be aware that there is an outfit that makes plastic (or possibly
heavey enamel coated), (Metal) tie wraps- uncertain of the brand name, but
believe were obtained thru graybar,  price also unknown, but couple
1) can be resized, reused, 2) dont break, and 3 ) plastic coating keeps them
from cutting thru sheath of coax or wires.  Used them on towers in northern
nevada, subjected to winds in excess of 100 mph- these puppies dont break!
as info, jim nn7k

W9RE, Mike sent:  Subject: [Towertalk] Cable Ties?

> TT'ers
> Ok, I got a lot of good suggestions on finding flooded coax and multi
> conductor cable, so now how about this one?
> I am looking for a good (read cheap) price on releasable, UV resistant,
> black, Panduit, PRT3H-L0, 10" long, .25" wide, cable ties.  Best I've
> so far is Newark @ about $60/100 (still looking for a little better
> I use these for lacing coax and control cable in aerial runs and also
> up the leg of a tower.  I also use tape but I change things here so much
> that these releasable ties make it easier.
> Thanks,
> Mike W9RE

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