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[Towertalk] Cutting Plate?

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] Cutting Plate?
From: (Mark Beckwith)
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 05:17:27 -0500
VE7HCB wrote:

>For the small size of stock, the mitre saw that moves about 2" would be
>great.  It should cut a 6by8.  I like those better as the stock can be
>calmped in.

My miter saw is good for about 5.25."  It would not cut a 6x8.  I use it for
cutting element and boom tubing to length, but when I do plates, I use the
table saw.

Maybe someone else can comment, since I have this on old-wives authority
only, but I heard you DONT use a grinder for aluminum because the aluminum
can get so hot it melts and clogs the pores of the grinder then when it
cools it expands and can break the grinding blade or grinding wheel apart
while it's spinning at a bazillion RPM.  Is this true?

I say this because VE7HCB discusses a miter saw with a clamp.  The ones like
that which I've seen are all for grinding-type blades which are for cutting
steel, which I would not use on aluminum for this reason.

Just wondering, and would hate for someone to have a spinning blade blow up
in their face as a result of a post here!

Can anybody straighten me out?

Mark, N5OT

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