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Subject: [Towertalk] Hy-Gain HG-54HD cable
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Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 16:18:47 -0400
I would like to thank the many Towertalkian gentlemen who have sent 
me suggestions on both the cable situation for the Hy-Gain HG54-HD 
and the probable cause of difficulty with the TH6DXX.

It looks like the solution will be to do both jobs at once. I will 
first remove the TH6, so I can work on the traps, first checking 
carefully at the 15-meter traps on the driven element. I will, in 
fact, open and clean all of them.

This will make it easier to lower the collapsed tower (it pivots on 
two of its three bolts. One person said he had replaced the cable 
while the tower was upright, and it required fiddling with a slight 
tower elevation, along with putting in stuff to keep it jammed open. 
Another person had done the job with the tower down, and said it was 

As for where to get the parts, no one said they had got them from Hy-
Gain, but the parts are standard hardware.  And by the way, there are 
two cables, of differing diameters, 3/16" x 20.5' and 1/4"x 38.5'.

The instruction book has no picture of the cable pathway. One person 
said to try to leave the cables where they are, and use them to pull 
the new cable through, but, if it turns out that I need the old cable 
as a model to show a machine shop, then I won't be able to do that. I 
think I have to get the antenna and tower down, and then look at 
things again.

It is difficult to get through to Hy-gain's tech number, but I will 
keep trying, and I will let the reflector know if they sell the 

Thanks to all who sent information.

Jan Ditzian

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