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Subject: [Towertalk] Cutting Plate?
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:34:33 -0700
This is a good post from an experienced person.  ALL good points.  Thank you,
Chris opr VE7HCB

At 07:21 AM 2002-07-22 -0500, W0UN--John Brosnahan wrote:

>Hi, Mark--
>Don't know about exploding grinding wheels--but using them on aluminum
>ruins them.   Fills up the pores with aluminum and they won't work on anything
>after that.   You can use a diamond dressing tool to clean them up--with a
>corresponding reduction in diameter.
>There are cutoff saws that are similar to miter saws--but usually the cutoff
>saw only has one degree of "freedom" and is usually used with a "grinding"
>type blade for cutting steel.   The miter saws can have have up to four 
>of freedom (if you include the newer saws with travel slides).  These usually
>have regular toothed blades and carbide tipped blades can be used on
>aluminum.   Both types of saws have clamps for holding the work piece.
>I have both types and often use the miter saw for aluminum when using the
>proper blade.  The key with any carbide-tipped tooth blade on aluminum is to
>use a lubricant to keep the aluminum from building up on the teeth.  There are
>special cutting fluids/sticks for aluminum but almost anything is better than
>nothing (except for things like Tri-chloro-ethane).  A wax candle or a bar 
>of soap
>should be used at a minimum.  Otherwise you will get a buildup of aluminum
>on the blade and it will be deposited on the work piece making a less than 
>cut and it will also need to be cleaned from the blade--not an easy task.
>Best bet is to use the proper cutting fluid on the work or apply a stick type
>lube to the blade.
>I usually use the cut-off/miter type saws for tubing and angle or channel
>aluminum.   For larger plates I use my 12 inch table saw or my 12 inch
>radial arm saw.  Go very slowly, use the proper cutting fluid, and wear ear
>and eye protection.  Aluminum sawing gets LOUD.  If using a fine-toothed
>carbide-tipped blade, expect to pay $100-$150 for the blade for a larger
>(12 inch plus) diameter.  An investment worth protecting by using the
>proper cutting fluids.
>Besides eye protection it is considered good form not to stand in line with
>the blade when cutting in case any carbide teeth should break loose.
>--John   W0UN
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