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[Towertalk] Cutting Plate?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Cutting Plate?
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:30:59 -0700
At 05:17 AM 2002-07-22 -0500, Mark Beckwith wrote:
>VE7HCB wrote:
>Maybe someone else can comment, since I have this on old-wives authority
>only, but I heard you DONT use a grinder for aluminum because the aluminum
>can get so hot it melts and clogs the pores of the grinder

I know that the sanding pad of a grinder can clog up!!  It just melts some 
stuff because of the speed and heat.  Just ask me when I tried to remove 
paint from metal and wood.  I have been looking for an open pad that can 
remove the paint but the heat generated is bad for melting.

>then when it
>cools it expands and can break the grinding blade or grinding wheel apart
>while it's spinning at a bazillion RPM.  Is this true?

I donot know about this.  I have seen regular grinding wheels just choked 
with soft metal, but the pads on an angle grinder ??   I would not do it 
because it ruins the pad anyway.

>I say this because VE7HCB discusses a miter saw with a clamp.  The ones like
>that which I've seen are all for grinding-type blades which are for cutting
>steel, which I would not use on aluminum for this reason.

There are large mitre saws that move about two inchesm similar to the 
radial arms saw movement.  But is called a mitre saw.  Some might call them 
chop saws.  The miter saw that I have allows for clamping the stock then 
angling the saw and angling the blade for a compound cut.  This might be 
great for metal stock if the correct blade is used.

>Just wondering, and would hate for someone to have a spinning blade blow up
>in their face as a result of a post here!

I aggree fully.

>Can anybody straighten me out?
>Mark, N5OT

Chris opr VE7HCB

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