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[Towertalk] Rats with wings!!!

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Subject: [Towertalk] Rats with wings!!!
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 16:19:43 -0700
I had been bothered by the neighbourhood cats!!  I bought one of those high 
pressure pump up water pistols.
The first time I walk out pumping it up, the cat looks at me with a "you 
can't catch me sneer"!  I pump up the pisstol then let the poor cat have 
it, all the way across the lot.  Almost emptied the pistol on it.
The second time, it ran away, jumped up in the air trying for a bird, I hit 
it for about 3 seconds during the flight up to the bird.
The third time, I went out the door pumping the pistol up, the cat ran so 
fast I could barely see it.
All the cats in the neighbourhood move causiouly through the yard, even a 
rap on the window makes them move.

The seals on that pistol have gone.  I have been looking at a large pistol 
with a battery operated pump, saw it on TV awhile ago, cannot find one, 
even at WALLY-MART.  If you could purchase one of those, then water blast 
those pidgens off your line, I think that they might be intellegent not to 
come back again.  Or modify some water projector.

Someone awhile ago used an owl.  It worked for about a week, then the birds 
sat and shit on it.
Chris opr VE7HCB

At 12:10 PM 2002-07-22 -0400, Henry Heidtmann wrote:
>OK, guys, I've had it- Have been fighting pigeons on the antenna for
>awhile- I've broken down and ordered a dummy Owl- Someone tell me that
>this works, or any better idea so they dont sit on the elements- we're
>talking a roost of 20-25 birds on my F12 C4E- They are straying out
>towards the tips and have already bent one element slightly.
>Not to mention the pigeon droppings on the roof of my house.
>Small caliber firearms wont work in my downtown neighborhood-
>Henry, N4VHK

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