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Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 20:53:03 +0000
Theoretically, I believe, that if you've got a good low 
impedance and high amp capacity ground path from the 
plate to your ground rod then you don't need to worry 
about arcing to your residence.  The energy will follow 
the path of least resistance and it wants to go to 
ground.  I'd check on this at two places:  1.  Visit the 
Polyphaser web site and read over their technical 
articles many on which are online.  2.  Call Mike at ICE 
and ask what he recommends (800-423-2666 best time is 
late morning).  

Personally all of my ICE arrestors are mounted in 
aluminum Hoffman enclosures on the side of the deck 
which is just outside of the basement window where the 
shack is.  I have a single ground rod at that point.  1 
inch wide wire braid and #4 welding cable (made up of 
over 500 30 AWG wires) connect the boxes to the ground 
rod.  A #4 bare solid wire also is connected from the 
rod to the tower(s) ground in systems and also to the 
electrical service ground rod.  Finally I run the same 
braid and welding cable grounds into the shack via the 
window to connect to all the equipment. (The equipment 
is connected via 1/2 in. ground braid jumpers.)  There's 
one school of thought that says one must use flat braid 
since round wires will act as antennas more easily and 
could couple with the strike energy and re-radiate and 
the other school says you only need the low impedance 
pathway.  The braid is flat but the welding cable, if 
you calc the outer surface area of its small wires has 
more surface area than the braid and of course regular 
#4 stranded doesn't come close.  
Sri for the bandwidth but would like to share my 
learnings. so far no problems here.  Phil  KB9CRY
> AA6TT wrote: 
> > > I'm looking for comments on this setup before it's built.  Should
> > > I be concerned about bolting the copper feed thru panel 
> > > directly to my garage's wood frame -- is this a fire hazard?
> K7LXC replied:
> > Yes. This is the Single Point Ground System main connection to 
> > ground and any lightning transients will be going through it to 
> > ground so I'd keep it away from anything that it would arc to.
> I was considering a similar arrangement: an Al plate with bulkhead UHF 
> connectors mounted to the aluminum siding of my garage - backside of 
> which poking into the garage - all perhaps connected to the service 
> ground (with a few more ground rods added).  But this thread has me 
> rethinking it.  I'm not in lightning country, but we do get it often 
> enough to take seriously.  Now it seems that I need to build some sort 
> of stand-alone arrangement that is not attached to (but near) the house 
> in order to effect the SPG.  Perhaps a plate on a post (with suitable 
> wx-proofing)?
> Mike 
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