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[Towertalk] Coax ground at tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] Coax ground at tower
From: (David)
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 01:10:17 -0400
Hello...  My transmitting equipment will be between 1.5-50Mhz fed with 50ohm
LMR-400 coax cable using UHF-PL259 connectors.   According to Polyphaser, I
need to know exactly which product do I use at the top of the tower and the
bottom of the tower to provide the ground to my coax shield?  I've seen
websites showing the use of  "cable grounding kits" but not sure where and
what kind I should get?  I've seen what appears to be the coax attached to a
UHF bulkhead splice connector with a clamp on it that's attached to a ground
wire connected to the tower leg.  I guess I need some specific product
numbers if any of you have done this successfully.  This will be on a US
Towers HDX-555 crankup galvanized tower.  Incidentally, I'm already using
ICE lightning arrestors on a copper SPG bulkhead.

Another question....the total run from shack to antennas will be about
115'.....should I use LMR-400 up to the top of the tower and then use
LMR-400UF (ultraflex) for the remainder to the antennas so there's less
twisting stress to the coax around the rotator?   Or should I just stick
with RG-213 for the whole length?

And finally, which product do I use to attach my copper ground radials to
the galvanized tower legs?

Thanks for any advice,
David, K4ZZR

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