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[Towertalk] Insuring Antenna @ Remote Site

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Subject: [Towertalk] Insuring Antenna @ Remote Site
From: (Bob Nielsen)
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 19:59:22 -0700
On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 07:04:35PM -0500, hasan schiers wrote:
> Towertalkians:
> We have a very expensive commercial antenna installed on a local TV tower @
> 300'. The TV tower itself is 2000'. The repeater is a $1500 commerical
> repeater (for 2m). Since the repeater and antenna are not located at
> anyone's home, how does one go about getting insurance for this
> installation?
> The climbing expenses alone to attach the feedline and mount the antenna
> were $800 for one day. (basically for the climb...not related to hours
> worked...if they have to climb, its $800.)
> Anyone use ARRL insurance for this kind of project? Anyone have experience
> with ARRL insurance?

The ARRL insurance covers both individuals and affiliated clubs. The
application form has a place for "other location where equipment is
kept," so that should cover this type of situation.  You can call the
ARRL insurance administrator, Marsh Affinity Group Services, at
1-800-502-9228 and ask them about the details.

> Anyone have any suggestions on where to look for this kind of insurance and
> could it include the cost of the climbing in case the antenna itself was
> damaged?
> We are a little concerned, considering there is a total of 3 to 5 Kilobucks
> in the project and we probably couldn't afford to replace the repeater,
> feedline or antenna if it suffered catastrophic damage, much less pay $800
> to have someone climb (the TV station requires us to use their climbing
> company, period, no exceptions).
> TIA for any pointers anyone might be able to contribute.
> BTW, the system works GREAT!
> 73
> hasan schiers, N0AN
> or use or remailer

Bob Nielsen, N7XY                
Bainbridge Island, WA  
IOTA NA-065, USI WA-028S 

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