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[Towertalk] grounding system

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Subject: [Towertalk] grounding system
From: (Ford Peterson)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 16:46:11 -0500
Glenn writes:

> Any ground length over five feet from equipment to ground rod is almost
> useless for protection from a close lightning strike.  It is fine for a
> electrical safety ground, but too much voltage will be imposed on the
> equipment for the equipment to survive fro a close strike.
> Hope that this helps.
> 73
> Glenn

Watching and learning from this thread, I'm beginning to think I should be
operating from a metal dog house with a ring of ground rods directly at the
station equipment (sarcastic).  I've got about 6' of ground buss running
behind the operating position.  Total distance to the rod is about 6'-7'.  I
fail to see how it can get any better than this, short of the metal dog
house approach.

I think what all respondants to this thread are saying is that if you get a
close strike, you are TOAST!  Trying to engineer for a direct hit is
impossible with the light gauge metals and structures that are quite flimsy
when compared to a bridge or a sky-scraper.

How about some practical advice for the 90% of hams that cannot possibly
engineer a perfect solution.  A second floor shack is TOAST.  What should
this guy do to protect his family and possessions?  Forget the radio!  I'd
expect a sensitive piece of equipment to fry in the presence of a million
volts at a million amps.  I would rather have that insured equipment
completely melt down and fry while shunting most of the strike to ground
rather than burn 100% of my worldly possessions.


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