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Subject: [Towertalk] grounding system
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 16:34:54 -0700
At 06:18 PM 2002-07-28 -0400, wrote:

>     Apples and oranges, dear boy.
> >  I would rather have that insured equipment
> >  completely melt down and fry while shunting most of the strike to ground
> >  rather than burn 100% of my worldly possessions.
> >
>     Not much factual information in that paragraph. I suggest you get the
>Polyphaser book and start reading there for real information and not get all
>excited with wild speculation.
>Steve    K7LXC

OK.  I just spent the better part of 30min looking, skanning etc the 
polyphaser site looking for the suggsted book, to no avail.  Please, 
include a good URL so that I can see such.

Now, I realize that with the mountains high nearby the potenial (sic) of a 
near lightning stirke is not probable but possible.  It is the surges in 
the mains (English term, ol' man) and static build up plus the possible 
strike.  (I actualy saw one down in elevation from me on a transformer, 
high to residential)  So, I would like to prevent loss of equipment, all 
round.  I have had a new electric service put in, it has a surge protector 
thereon, but to my dismay, I have read that such can deteriate, over time 
from small surges, hence lose ability.  How do I tell when it's 
gone?.  Then I would like to put up a slightly higher pole, mast.  Not one 
of your bigees.  But it will be almost as high as the near by wooden power 
pole.  Would like to put up something to stop the lightning, if it strikes, 
but also static build up.

So any ideas besides where to look for the Polyphaser book?  Which this 
site deems the primary and the terminater of all lihtning books.

Chris opr VE7HCB

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