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[Towertalk] dipole/sloper affect on HF beam

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Subject: [Towertalk] dipole/sloper affect on HF beam
From: (Dave Dunbar, N0RQ)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 17:05:04 -0500
I'm getting ready for my first tower and beam (!), and have a number of =
questions, but here is one...

How much adverse affect will a sloper and/or a dipole or two have on a =
medium tribander???  The tower is a Trylon T600, 64', and at 65-66' =
there will be a Force 12 XR-5, and 8' above that an M2 6m beam.  I'd =
like to hang a few wire antennas, but they are a lower priority than the =
beam, and I certainly don't want to harm the performance of the XR-5.  I =
don't plan to go above about 45 or 50' with them.  If needed, I could =
put the dipoles off in the tall trees in the other direction, but of =
course that presents its own set of problems.   (The sloper would be a =
tower-fed 40/80/160 from W9INN, and the dipoles would be a W9INN 40/80 =
and a 160 full-length, both fed off the side of the tower.)  =

Dave, N0RQ

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