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[Towertalk] grounding system

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Subject: [Towertalk] grounding system
From: (Joe Reisert)
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 12:41:08 -0400

I'll echo any reports on not using aluminum wire for a grounding wire. Many 
years ago, I used a large diameter (I think 1/10" diameter) aluminum 
grounding wire when I lived in San Jose. We had a bad lightning storm in 
the middle of the Santa Clara Valley, a very rare occurrence. We took a 
direct hit and the grounding wire EXPLODED (as did nearby multi-stranded 
aluminum power lines! I still have the samples.) leaving no ground return. 
As a result, the bolt ran around the operating table blowing out everything 
it could including my 75A4 front end! It also blew holes in the edge strip 
on the table where it was near a filing cabinet (sitting on a heating duct) 
and left a real foul odor (not to mention the shock of the loud bolt).


Joe, W1JR

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