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Subject: [Towertalk] Ground rod material
From: (Glenn Little)
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:09:54 -0400
In a commercial installation copper plated steel rods are used around the 
base of the tower, around the building and along the security fence. 
Galvanized rods are used ath the guy point grounds.  The object is to get 
the ground resistance as low as possible around the tower and equipment. 
The galvanized rods are used at the guypoints to increase the ground 
resistance there and help prevent the fusing of the guy wires if the tower 
were to take a direct hit.

The Motorola R-56 manual for site selection states that compression 
fittings should not be used external to the building. If these must ne used 
they must be inspected periodically to ensure that the wire cold flow has 
nor reduced the contact resistance.

All references that I have seen suggest that external ground wires be cad 
welded to the tower and ground rods.

Solid copper rods would be too soft to drive and would be expensive. Brass 
rods would be expensive and not provide significantly better ground contact 
than the copper plated steel rods.

The object is to get all of the eguipment and the connecting wires to the 
same potential during a lightning event.  If this object is not met 
differences od potential exist and current flows. If the differences of 
potential are great enough, electrical damage occurs and the magic smoke is 


At 04:40 PM 7/31/02 -0400, N2TK wrote:
>Does ir make much difference if the ground rods are solid copper, copper
>plated steel, galvanized steel, or brass rods?
>Also, is brass okay to use for a ground clamp to a Rohn tower or does brass
>also react with the galvanizing?
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