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Subject: [Towertalk] KLM Tribanders
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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:33:12 -0400
If you don't keep the + to the same side you will reverse the transmitted phase 
on the antenna with the reversed sign relative to the rest of the stack.

This will put the power into very high angle radiation. This is sometimes done 
on purpose.

A contester around here did this accidentally. His description was that it 
sounded almost like no antenna when he set the stackmatch to both.

73, Guy.

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> Date: 2002/07/31 Wed PM 05:22:03 EDT
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> Subject: [Towertalk] KLM Tribanders
> I am in the process of building stacks with various KT 34s and KT 34XAs that 
> I have acquired and have been rebuilding.  I am planning on stacking them 
> using the Stackmatches by WX0B. 
> Most of the 4:1 baluns are either not marked with the typical + and - 
> markings that are usually appear on the KLM baluns.  In addition, the one 
> previously installed KT 34XA is at 65 feet and is inaccessable to check any 
> +/- markings.
> Someone told me a while back that in stacking the KLMs it was imperative to 
> keep the + on the same side for the entire stack.  Is this so, and if it is 
> what is the reason for doing so?  I know you can check the balun with the MFJ 
> 259 to determine which side is which and plan to do so but does it really 
> make a difference?
> Bill K4XS
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