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Subject: [Towertalk] Ground rod material
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 10:28:35 -0700
Thank you.  The addition of the iron 'salting' the surronding earth sounds 
like a good idea.  I have read where some used certain salts to do such.

I have used for other things the water boring with a pipe.  The local 
electric code for house electrical service now uses a flat copper plate, 
place horizontally in the earth about 3ft deep, near to the house. 
(previously, the water pipe all galvo and some cases galvo ground rods).

When I put in the ground rod for my rig, I went about 4 ft from the 
basement window from which the wires exited the house.  Dug a 2 foot hole 
wide and deep, took a galvo pipe about 8ft long ( earth is micacious river 
deposited sand)  and proceded to bang in with a 12lb sledge.  It was a lot 
of work until I hit about 1ft above ground (1ft above, 2 ft hole, 5 ft in 
the earth), then I hit the rod with a mighty blow ...    it just fell down 
into the hole and almost disappeared.  Must have been a void in the ground 
down there.  (was not far enough to be in China)  So I fished out the rod, 
washed in water and started all over again with a 10 ft rod.  Put the whole 
rod into the hole.  So then the bottom of the rod was 2ft hole 10ft rod 
down.  Washed as much ground soil earth whatever as I could.  Then attached 
another cable to that went out further and put in another rod.  The capble 
was the 3 stranded bare copper grounding cable.

Now, after reading all the postings, I plan on doing the following
Put a metal plate, box outside of the new entrance to the shack, from there 
run a large maybe even a couple of grounding wires out under the ground to 
a place that will have, a couple of thick iron rebar rods, a copper pipe, a 
copper plate or maybe a steel plate all tied together.
Now I am wondering what to do with the electrical service ground, tie that 
in as well?

Chris opr VE7HCB

At 07:02 PM 2002-07-31 -0600, Peter Larsen wrote:
>I have always preferred the mild steel rods or the steel plates.
>As they deteriorate they "salt" the ground and lower the ground resistance.
>We use the mild steel rods exclusively on the power lines.
> >solid copper
>Very expensive and not an improvement over copper clad.
> >copper plated steel
>Good choice, we use them on our Light Rail Transit trains that run
>on 600 volt DC.
> >galvanized steel
>Never seen them, so can't comment.
> >brass rods
>Never used them, and I can't justify the cost over the copper clad steel
>I hope that this gives you some direction.
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