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Subject: [Towertalk] Ground Rods
From: (Paul McInnish - Home)
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 07:02:19 -0400
Jerry... good idea!  However, tie the three ground rods together and only
run ONE bond to the tower from the ground rods.  Running separate bonds can
cause grounds loops and create a whole new set of problems.

Also, if concrete is going to be poured around your ground clamps... the
lime will eventually cause high resistance joints due to the corrosion.  I
don't recommend "burying" ANY joint in concrete or dirt!  Unless you can
absolutely make a pure hermetic seal!

Paul - K4BET

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Subject: [Towertalk] Ground Rods

I'll soon be pouring a new tower base, 6 feet deep. I thought I would put an
8-foot ground rod at each corner of the hole, drive them in the remaining 2
feet, tie them all together with #2 solid copper, and run the copper to all
3 of the tower mount J-bolts...then pour concrete around the whole
business... any thoughts?  Jerry K3BZ

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