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Subject: [Towertalk] Ham ? Rotator
From: (Dale L Martin)
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 06:40:48 -0500
I'm selling equipment for an sk ham's widow.

He had a Ham M manual, so I assumed the rotator was a Ham M.  However, on
getting it to the ground, the stamp on the rotator base says "H4 S1 Jun 80."
(Don't hold me to the date, but the format is what is as stamped)

If I read that right, it's a Ham IV, Series 1, manufactured in June 1980.
Is that right?

I've been to Norm's website and read the info, but the H4 S1 stamping
differs enough from the written description ("HAM-4 SER1")e stamping format
that I would like to be sure.

>From Norm's website:
"The HAM-3 rotor is stamped as HAM-3 with the month and year of manufacture.
There were two series of HAM-3 rotors. A rotor marked "HAM-3 SER 2 MAY 76"
would be a HAM-3 series 2 rotor, manufactured in May, 1976.

The HAM-4 rotor (which is exactly the same thing as a HAM-IV rotor) would be
marked similarly. It could be marked with either the Arabic numeral "4" or
the Roman numeral "IV" but there is no difference. There was only one series
of HAM-4 rotor."

dale, kg5u

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