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Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 09:44:59 EDT
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> I'll soon be pouring a new tower base, 6 feet deep. I thought I would put an
>  8-foot ground rod at each corner of the hole, drive them in the remaining 2
>  feet, tie them all together with #2 solid copper, and run the copper to all
>  3 of the tower mount J-bolts...then pour concrete around the whole
>  business... any thoughts?

    Most grounding specs call for 2 or even 3 rods per run from the tower 
leg. You want to have a hub (the tower) and spokes (the ground wire/rods) 

    The trick is connecting the wire to the rod. There are only 2 methods 
that are approved by the NEC; compression and exothermic (i.e. CadWeld, etc.).

    Grounding the tower is only a PART of the system - you still need to deal 
with cables down the tower and the all-important building entry.

Steve     K7LXC
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