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Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 20:51:24 -0400
I've been investigating this process myself for the past month or so.

While I have not seen it performed I understand it's quite a "fireworks"

It's a process that uses a powdery mixture or metals, topped off with a
"gunpowder like" starting material.

The wire and rod you're trying to bond together are held in a mold into
which these mixtures are dumped and then ignited.

Hence the fireworks show.

The advantages are a permanent non-corrosive bond which can be buried
without fear of coming apart or building up any resistance in the joint over

The tools you need are the "proper mold", a set of handles for holding the
mold together, an igniter, and the "shots" of cadweld material. The shots
can run anywhere between $3-5 each I think. The molds can run upwards of

This may seem like overkill and expensive...but when you put a lot of ground
rods in along several radials coming off a don't want to be
digging these up once a year to inspect them.

Cadwelding can be used on wire or copper strap as long as you use the right

Here's a few sites you may want to check out.

Joe - KC2TN

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Will someone please explain what CAD welding is when applied to
wire connections to ground rod, towers, etc.  How does one get
equipped for accomplishing it?



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