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Subject: [Towertalk] Ground Rods
From: (Glenn Little)
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2002 21:16:37 -0400
I just got back in town and am catching up on my email.

Do not even think about pouring concrete around a ground rod or a ground 
wire that can be subjected to lightning. All concrete that is in the ground 
contains moisture. When electrical energy flows through a conductor, heat 
is generated. Lightning can produce very high currents, even if not a 
direct strike. The rapid heating of a conductor, in direct contact with 
moisture carrying concrete will produce a steam explosion as the moisture 
is flashed to steam. This could vaporize, or at the least crack, the 
concrete. This is the same concrete taht yo are using to keep your tower 
vertical.  With the concrete strength compromised, the tower coulf 
collapse. If you must run a ground wire or ground rod through concrete, 
isolate it from the concrete with PVC pipe. This will prevent the steam 
explosion from the water trapped in the concrete.


At 11:19 PM 8/1/02 -0400, Jerry Keller wrote:
>I'll soon be pouring a new tower base, 6 feet deep. I thought I would put an
>8-foot ground rod at each corner of the hole, drive them in the remaining 2
>feet, tie them all together with #2 solid copper, and run the copper to all
>3 of the tower mount J-bolts...then pour concrete around the whole
>business... any thoughts?  Jerry K3BZ
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