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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: Hygain/MFJ Rotors
From: (Jim White)
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 12:44:04 -0400
damnit Bill

here I was positioned to hit the e-classifieds and pick up some T2X es 
on the cheap then you had to spill the beans that actually are good ruined it - now I will have to pay full used prices...crud.

OJ wrote:

> All the bad mouthing of these rotors amuses me.  I have no comments on the 
> Yaesu rotors. I bought one as part of a tower purchase, played with it a 
> while and then sold it.  It seemed like a decent rotor.
> However, I have used Hygain rotors for years...mostly the Tailtwisters.  
> These were purchased both new and used.
> I have used these to turn my 4 el 40 meter yagis as well as side mounted 5 el 
> 20 meter KLMs.  Over the last 20 years most of the problems have been the 
> result of lightning hits to the rotor boxes....certainly not the fault of the 
> manufacturer.
> Yes, the you gotta "rock em" to get them started once in a while, and yeah, 
> the starter caps go soft after a while and yeah, the older ones with the 
> terminal strips get funky and have to be replaced.  But, I have only had two 
> have gear problems in the last twenty years.  I currently have nine in 
> operation and will be putting up several more.  These are solid rotors.  I 
> currently have eighteen rotors in use.  Half are the Tailtwister and the 
> others are HD 73 (used with small tribanders and my 10 meter KLM 6 el beams). 
> By the way IMHO the little HD 73 is the best small time rotor and I highly 
> recommend them also.  The thing to remember is: don't overload the horse.  
> They run much better and stay alive a lot longer if they don't have to carry 
> a 300 pound rider 
> If your Tailtwister stinks that bad, I'll take it off your hands for a fire 
> sale price!
> Bill K4XS
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