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[Towertalk] silver solder ok for Ground wire to rod ?

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Subject: [Towertalk] silver solder ok for Ground wire to rod ?
From: (Richard M. Gillingham)
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 20:37:02 -0400
Acetylene is extremely unstable when under pressure higher than 15 - 20 
psi.  They store it in the tanks you see plumbers and welders use by 
first absorbing it into acetone..... only then can it be compressed to 
higher pressures.   The tanks are filled with an absorbative (?) 
material saturated with acetone.  Then acetylene is compressed into the 
tank and absorbed by the acetone.........

The carbide lamps (still available) used by miners used a small 
reservoir of water dripping on carbide, generating the gas for the 
brilliant light..   Carbide cannons also can still be purchased...   We 
used to use an old 5 gallon steel paint can (remember???)  with a spark 
plug near the bottom of the side and a model T spark coil.  A little 
water in the bottom, and toss in some carbide 'pearls' and cover.   Wait 
a bit and touch off the mess.  A very satisfying boom and look for the 

We were lucky.  Others haven't been.

Gil, W1RG

Chris BONDE wrote:

> At 11:17 AM 2002-08-06 -0400, Richard M. Gillingham wrote:
>> Prestolyte is acetylene..made by combining water and calcium carbide.
>> Used by welders and plumbers..  Mapp is a petroeum dirivative as is 
>> propane..  Can't get a flame as hot as with acetylene...
>> Y'all be careful, hear..
>> gil, W1RG
>> Mark wrote:
> That is what the miners of old did, for the lamps on their hats.  A 
> big step up from candles on the timbers.  However, I think that the 
> gas is now available compressed in cylinders.  A US company, now 
> swalled by another US company made its start on such,  Union Carbide.
> But if you use the carbide and water method "Y'all be careful,  ... " 
> and better be, just ask me.
> A friedn made a boom can and almost lost his eye sight.
> Chris opr VE7HCB

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