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Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 22:12:59 EDT
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> Why are the holes on the section legs 2 different sizes? One is 3/16' and 
> other is 1/4". Can I drill out the 3/16" holes and make them 1/4" like the 
> rest or should I leave well enough alone?
>  I called an engineer at Rohn yesterday and he told me that he had no idea 
> why they did it that way. He said they were engineered in the 60's.

    Well, that's your answer. If Rohn doesn't know - no one on TT has any 
better answer. 
>  Rohn's guy wire recommendations on a 60 ft. tower are one at 28 ft. and 
> at 45 ft., 48 ft. from the base. I only have about 39 ft. of space from the 
> base. Will this cause any problems?
    No. Having the anchors out 80% of the tower height is just ONE scenario - 
there can be many; i.e. 50%, 100%, 120%, etc. But deviating very much would 
necessitate doing the calcs for each scenario to ensure safety and 
>  Last but not least, where can I buy Rohn accessories for a 25G? Guy wire 
> brackets, etc.

    Texas Towers and National Tower are long time Rohn dealers with 
competitive prices. Also W7NI at Antronics is a good source.

Steve    K7LXC

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