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Subject: [Towertalk] Coax opinions
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 07:00:09 -0700
I like the Cable XPerts 1318FX best of the three you've listed; however,
they all have cellular poly dielectrics and all are fragile cables; that
doesn't mean they are not "long lasting," but they must be treated with care
during handling, installation and use.  They cannot be cable-tied with
metallic or nylon tie wraps; they cannot be securely clamped; they they
should all be gently supported in several locations along a 150' run.  If
most of the 150' is horizontal and laying on a roof, no problem (except be
careful not to walk on it); if most of the 150' is vertical, going up the
side of a tower, don't let it free-fall and self support for such a long
distance.  However, it cannot be clamped or tied, either.  Best way to
support these cables is with loosely applied overlapping layers of vinyl
tape spread out over a few inches of cable at each point where tape is
applied.  LMR400 is the least flexible of the types you listed, as it has a
single, large-gauge copperclad aluminum center conductor which will not
withstand repeated flexing; 1318FX has a 19 strand center conductor (pure
copper) and is quite flexible.  I use the 1318FX or similar types for
several 165-175' runs with good success.  -WB2WIK/6

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Mario Andretti

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> I'm looking ot replace my coax runs. I will operate up thru 6 m, and
> lengths
> to 150 or so ft. I want coax that is low-loss, flexible for the rotor
> loops
> and long-lasting. I'm considering: CXP-1318FX by Cable Experts, LMR-400
> and
> Belden 9913F7 (flex 9913 with foam dielectric material). Any suggestions,
> stories good or bad from users of these? Thanks, 73 John
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