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[Towertalk] Coax opinions

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Subject: [Towertalk] Coax opinions
From: (Mike Wetzel)
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 18:11:48 -0500
All this talk about coax and I find I am low on Belden 8267 or RG-213.
That's what I have always used for phasing lines and short tower runs.  I
see the actual Belden price (from Newark) is about .90/ft as compared to
generic RG-213 from R and L and Cable-Xperts that is about $.40/ft (not
Belden).  I know the Belden is Mil spec and the others aren't, but the
composition and loss seem to be the same.  What is the general feeling about
these other less expensive RG-213's?  Is there any reason to stay with the
Belden and pay the high dollars?

Mike W9RE

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