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[Towertalk] Cable Clamps and Phillystran

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Subject: [Towertalk] Cable Clamps and Phillystran
From: (W0UN--John Brosnahan)
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 21:36:15 -0500
>Take a look at the auth dist Burghardt website
> They list
>Phillystran HPTG67001 as "1/2" guy cable = 1/4" EHS"
>Maybe that's what you're looking for?
>Jerry K3BZ


Maybe it is and maybe it isn't!      ;-)      The "1/2" is something that
Burghardt has added in their price sheet--not something straight from
Phillystran.  No where in the Phillystran data sheet is anything called
1/2 inch.  If this stuff is new and is from Burghardt then there is no problem
using the proper preforms.  If it is not new--like the stuff that I have 
that is
about 1/2" diameter then potting heads should be used.  I have usually
purchased in years past directly from the factory as an OEM (requires
large quantities) so I only go by what Phillystran says.  Not by what
a distributor says in their pricing info.  And without further info about the
source and vintage from the user ("fellow ham") then this is all just
idle speculation.

Unfortunately my Phillystran literature is still packed away in Colorado
and I am at the Texas place, so I can't do a complete search.  Phillystran's
web site contains no real info.

73--John   W0UN

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