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[Towertalk] Shunt fed towers.on 80m maybe 160m

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Subject: [Towertalk] Shunt fed towers.on 80m maybe 160m
From: Robert Webb" < (Robert Webb)
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 11:42:47 +0100
OK Guys, i have read the literature at various sources, from websites to the
ARRL antenna book ( best buy ) on how to shunt feed a tower. Now it comes to
doing it, a few things occurr to me.
Should the shunt feed run exactly parallel to the tower.?
Should the shunt feed be adjacent to a leg or a flat side ?
How can i be certain that the tower is actually being used as a radiator.
Maybe the shunt feed is acting as a vertical against the tower as a ground.
FYI the tower is a Versatower PB60 with a Cushcraft A3S on the top, a 40m
loop in a triangle config fed at the top is at the 55ft point, and a small
2/70 vertical is on a side arm at abt 30ft. The sidearm is steel and is
electrically connected to the tower. I  intend to attach the Shunt feed to
this arm as it is directly above my ground termination conections. Youre
thoughts please, Thanks in advance,
Robert Webb

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