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[Towertalk] Bugs in TH6 etc. antenna traps.

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Subject: [Towertalk] Bugs in TH6 etc. antenna traps.
From: (Cleeve)
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 10:22:19 +0000
Good morning,

        My antennas are among dense foliage trees, and there was, seemingly, a 
ending problem of "little things" taking up residence in my antenna traps,
even overnight, having cleaned the traps and "things" out, during the previous eventual solution, was to place a wedge of glass fibre mat, the
sort one uses in the UK, for internal roof insulation, inside the traps, to
cover the small ventilation hole, in the trap outer cover. 

        The fibre density of this material, appears to be good enough, to stop 
ants and wasps, from entering via that route, but still allows ventilation of
the the trap end seals, I use 1 inch wide, self amalgamating
tape, the type sold by RS Components in the UK, as exterior grade, UV
resistant, and wind that up from the aluminium of the smaller diameter tube
entering the trap, over the manufacturers flexible trap end covers, and on to
the aluminium outer of the trap, I then coat the entire job with "Waxoyl"
keeping the ventilation hole clear, of course, but I have described that
process before......having done this, I have had no ingress of "bugs" into the
traps since.......I hope this may be of some interest, and use, to the
group.....good luck, John Cleeve. G3JVC.

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