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[Towertalk] POR15 Rust Preventative Paint ?? THE BEST !!!

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Subject: [Towertalk] POR15 Rust Preventative Paint ?? THE BEST !!!
From: (Lee Noonan)
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 10:46:55 +1000
All I can tell You Mike, is that POR (paint over Rust) 15 is used around the
world by VW beetle owners , as a way of stopping stone damage on the
underside of the chassis and fenders.  So it seems it is the 'BEST' in way
of resisting peel off etc and naturally stopping rust....  It is used mostly
where salt is added to the road surfaces in the winter due to ice & snow.
We only put salt on our Fish & Chips over here, So its not so widely used
,and I believe its only been available in VK for a short time....  POR 15
virtually attaches itself to the metal.... and Won't come off .... for any
reason.... Hi Hi...
I can Recommend POR 15 & I've never seen it.   It's finish is a Glossy Black
from Memory.
Best Wishes from Down Under.

Lee Noonan  VK2LEE

PS:  Chips are french fries.

From: "Mike Rhodes" <>
To: "Tower Talk Reflector" <>
Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2002 10:16 AM
Subject: [Towertalk] POR15 Rust Preventative Paint ??

> Was just cruising the archives and ran across a reference to POR15 as a
> possible alternative to cold galvanizing a mast. Wondering if anyone on
> list has any experience with this stuff? My previous mast was spray
> with cold galvanizing and by the time I got it into place it was badly
> scratched and soon rusted. Wonder if this might be a little more scuff and
> scratch resistant. If my math isn't too far off, it looks like 20 feet of
> inch mast is about 10.5 square feet of surface area so a pint should do 3
> 4 typical masts. Anyone? Here is a link to their site.
> Tnx & 73 de
> Mike / W8DN

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