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[Towertalk] POR15 Rust Preventative Paint ??

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Subject: [Towertalk] POR15 Rust Preventative Paint ??
From: (Jerry Keller)
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 23:45:41 -0400
I've used POR15 extensively for automotive restoration. While you can't
actually paint in the rain, it has the interesting property of drying faster
and bonding tighter in a humid environment than in a dry one.... the
opposite chemistry of standard paint.

It bonds to rust as well as sound metal, and is the toughest stuff to remove
I've ever seen, especially if you get any on your skin. Wear rubber gloves.
There is a special solvent for cleanup and thinning...but after after it
dries, there is nothing that will remove it. It has to wear off. Many times
I've gone to the office with black spots on my hands.

It's great stuff if you want to paint something rusty and can't remove the
rust completely first... thus, "POR"... Paint Over Rust.

I've used it to paint the frame and underbody of several cars, and even
after more than a dozen years, it is as good as new. Comes in clear, silver,
and black. The clear dries somewhat unsightly (but very tough). The black
isn't very pretty either, as it tends to get a somewhat milky look. I've
never used the silver. My guess is it would probably be a very durable tower
paint, but it's just a guess, I've not tried it on a tower.

Once you open the can, you should either use it all or pour the remainder
very carefully into a clean glass jar with an air-tight screw on lid. If the
slightest amount of air gets in, the POR-15 will gel completely almost
overnight. I've kept it successfully for six months by putting several
layers of saran wrap over the top of the jar before screwing the lid on.

Last... it's expensive.

If you try it on a tower, I'd be interested in your feedback. Good luck...
Jerry K3BZ

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Subject: [Towertalk] POR15 Rust Preventative Paint ??

Was just cruising the archives and ran across a reference to POR15 as a
possible alternative to cold galvanizing a mast. Wondering if anyone on the
list has any experience with this stuff? My previous mast was spray painted
with cold galvanizing and by the time I got it into place it was badly
scratched and soon rusted. Wonder if this might be a little more scuff and
scratch resistant. If my math isn't too far off, it looks like 20 feet of 2
inch mast is about 10.5 square feet of surface area so a pint should do 3 or
4 typical masts. Anyone? Here is a link to their site.

Tnx & 73 de
Mike / W8DN

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