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Subject: [Towertalk] Fw: Mobil 1 syn oil & others...
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Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 08:53:52 -0700
Yeh, WAS thinking of Arco's oil! thought others still useins graphite in
theirs also. but still would recommend xfmr oil rather than motor oil- jim
Subject: Mobil 1 syn oil & others...

> Hi,
> Couldn't let this one pass on TT. True synthetic oils, like Mobil 1,
> BG Products, etc., do NOT have any graphite content! However, all
> rated oils today have other components, i.e., additives that may not be
> we would want in a dielectric bath bucket...Mobil 1 might work in a pinch,
> for a short while like a few months, but I wouldn't want it hanging around
> for years...
> You must have been thinking of ARCO's Graphite Oil, marketed back in the
> 80's...This stuff was withdrawn from the market due to a basic problem
> couldn't solve - how to keep the solids (graphite chips) in suspension.
> hydrocarbon (oil) and most synthetic base stocks are all LIGHTER than
> as in a specific gravity of "less than" 1.0 - that is why they float on
> top of water. Graphite has a specific gravity of "greater than" 1.0 and
> our normal gravity here on Earth it will find it's way to the bottom of
> container and stay there! This made for some really neat, tough, sludges
> engines that caused over heating and restricted flows..bad news. You have
> have what is called "gel strength" in a fluid to "suspend" any higher
> specific gravity solids within it, when the movement or flow is stopped.
> IF I were going to try and use anything but a true dielectric fluid, it
> be a non-detergent aviation oil of grade 100 or higher (SAE viscosity of
> 50 wt.). You can get this at most GA airports by the qt. This stuff
> resembles "mineral oil" like Steve suggested in his post, just thicker and
> more resistant to moisture uptake.
> Being an old Oil Patch hand, I just had to jump in here... Have a safe
> season and 73's. Post this if you wish.
> Mel Frost
> KD7DCR Coeur d'Alene, ID

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