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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: remote antenna switch
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 00:27:42 -0400
I agree the HOFI HOSCHA remote switch is great.  We sold a dozen back in the
early and mid 1990's at Electronic Switch.  Mr. HOFI is hard to deal with so
you must get them direct.  He did have a web page that also includes the
remains of the Fritzel antennas.   HOFI also makes excellent 5 position
manual coax switches (I have the PL259 and N versions).  There is NO
crosstalk with them as there is with the cheaper alpha delta and the like
switches!  However
buying a switch with lightening protection is a metter what is
advertised its cannot be done!!!!
73 Dave K4JRB

> Don´t forget the German HOSCHA switch.
> I have a Hoscha 2000 switch that measures:
>  30 MHz 42 dB return loss, isolation 54 dB
> 145 MHz 35 dB return loss, isolation 41 dB
> 435 MHz 35 dB return loss, isolation 35 dB
> Insertion loss 0.03 dB or better.
> Will handle very high power and  the cost is
> around 200 dollars.
> Does dow-key/Transco really have remote
> rotary switches with that huge isolation.
> The only Transco relay I know of with that
> high isolation is their SPDT koax relay, well
> it´s sort á SPDT really.
> 73 Jim SM2EKM
> PS:  Hoscha 2000 is 5 position remote motor driven switch.
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