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[Towertalk] 160m Inverted L

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] 160m Inverted L
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 15:53:51 -0700
At 03:37 PM 2002-08-11 -0400, Guy Olinger, K2AV wrote:

>This also puts the current maxima at the ground which improves low
>angle performance, assuming a good radial field and no low angle
>clutter which would block the low angles anyway.
  No low angle clutter, I assume that this is referring to objects on the 
ground or near to the ground sothat it is in the path of the outmoving 
wave.   Does what is considered a clutter change with the frequency of the 
Tx.  Say would something at 160m  not be at 10m or, vice versa?

Chris opr VE7HCB

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