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[Towertalk] [Q] o.k. to wrap coax around mast to prevent snagging?

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Subject: [Towertalk] [Q] o.k. to wrap coax around mast to prevent snagging?
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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 11:23:47 -0400
I have always wrapped my coax around the mast rather than have a drop loop.
Never had any snagging or problems with the coax. I tape all the coax
together and treat it as one cable. I make a few turns around the mast with
the coax. This way it neither gets too tight turning one direction, nor too
loose turning the other direction.

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Subject: [Towertalk] [Q] o.k. to wrap coax around mast to prevent snagging?

Dear Tower and Rotor gurus,
I have had bad luck trying to make a loop of coax + steppir control cable
will not snag on the top of my roof top tower. The quad-pod has a square top
piece where the mast goes through a sleeve bearing. The coax + ctrl cable
seems to snag there. I am using RG213 that is pretty loose and flexible in
this heat (95F) and it won't keep a stiff loop out clear from the tower. I
tried a two foot right angle home brew bracket off the mast and it was
in half this weekend when I made a mad dash to the East (hihi).

Can you wind the coax + Ctrl cable around the mast like a telephone cord so
that it unwinds when the rotor is turned the opposite direction?

does the coax couple to the mast/tower in some undesireable way?

I have seen those commercial TV trucks with microwave dishes and the cable
coiled around the mast. Wonder if it is a whole different deal?

your knowledgeable suggestions please,
de ken (newbie tower owner) n9vv
n9vv at arrl dot net

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