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[Towertalk] Phillystran and cable clamps

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Subject: [Towertalk] Phillystran and cable clamps
From: (Tom Anderson)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:36:29 -0500
I also use the Phillystran 1200 on a Mosley Classic 33 WARC with the 40m kit.  
Mosley supplies Dacron
rope with the 40m kit for support and side to side stabilization, but the 
Phillystran had a lower
profile and seemed stronger in my opinion.

Tom, WW5L wrote:

> I believe the 1200 pound old style Phillystran was used for the truss guys on
> the KLM antennas.  However, they did not use guy grips or cable clamps...just
> a thimble and a cube about one inch square of a plastic-like material which
> might have been Lexan.  The cube had five holes in which the Philly was woven
> back and forth on itself.  This system works quite well for this application
> and I have never had a Phillystran failure on the trusses.
> I have used the 1200 pound Philly for a different purpose and have used four
> cable clamps and a thimble for it.  The Philly is run between my towers and
> supports a variety of various loops for eighty meters.  At first when I
> tightened the clamps it seemed like it was going to squash the cable to
> nothing, so I loosened them up a bit and have been happy with the results.
> They have held up well with no failures for four years.
> I would have used the cubes from KLM but they were out of business by that
> time.  I did manufacture some when I had some extra potting compound left
> over from some of the resin ends.  I put some of the resin into an old ice
> cube tray and wound up with half a dozen cubes.  When I get the time I'll
> drill holes in them to see if they can be used as the KLM lock cubes were.
> By the way, the Philly used in all the applications above was the old style
> skinny Philly.
> Bill K4XS
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