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[Towertalk] W2AU Quads?

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Subject: [Towertalk] W2AU Quads?
From: (Barry )
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 22:32:21 -0000
Yes, I had one. Bought it around in 1972 at a Harrison Radio 
Washington's Birthday sale. It was probably 10-20 years old at that 
time, but still in original carton.
Worked well, when it wasn't broken (not often). Bottom line, it was a 
piece of junk. Vinyl coated bamboo spreaders, cast aluminum spiders.  
Broke regularly and I gave up on it after about a year. The only part that 
didn't break was the mast. What did I know, as a 15 year old kid?
Barry W2UP

On 12 Aug 2002 Jerry Keller wrote:

> Everyone knows the W2AU baluns.... but does anyone remember the W2AU Quad?
> Jerry K3BZ
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