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[Towertalk] Amertitron RCS8V Remote antenna switch

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Subject: [Towertalk] Amertitron RCS8V Remote antenna switch
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Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 12:50:32 -0400
> RCS8V not grounded....

Many of us view this as a feature because without modification the RCS8V is 
readily used in phasing circuits for two yagi stacked arrays, and in low band 
setups like the K8UR / K3LR vertical dipole arrays which require open rather 
than shorted lines.

See the classic NCJ articals by N4SA (vol 8, issue 5, page 7) and K8CC (vol 16, 
issue 1, page 17) for examples or U/L/B and other cool phasing circuits. For 
those without NCJ access, there is a JIF of the "classic" Upper/Lower/Both 
circuit on VE3GK's web page:

For two-stacks the U/L/B switching method using an RCS8V plus some coax is 
easy, cheap and pretty much bullet proof. 


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