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[Towertalk] Rohn Tower??

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Subject: [Towertalk] Rohn Tower??
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 14:54:07 -0700
Sounds like old Rohn #6G tower to me.  That preceded Rohn 25G and is not as
strong because it lacks the webbing and has only horizontal cross-braces.
It also has to be pretty old.  Last #6 tower section I purchased was in 1969
or 1970...

The tapered top section with the welded-in tube at the top is for light-duty
use (no thrust bearing).  There was a T.B. available if you used a flat
across top section with a horizontal plate that would accommodate a 2" (or
so) thrust bearing.


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> I have several sections of what I think is an old Rohn tower model.
> Triangular, tubular steel, 12 inches across a side, and the braces are
> horizontal, about 2" wide, like ladder rungs (would be easy to climb). The
> top section tapers to an 18" long tube 1.75" I.D. I guess you just grease
> the tube (unless there's a way to mount a thrust bearing that I can't see)
> There's a tilt-base and a round rotor shelf that mounts with u-bolts. Can
> anyone ID this for me?  Jerry K3BZ
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