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[Towertalk] T2X Start cap at tower base?

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Subject: [Towertalk] T2X Start cap at tower base?
From: (Wendell Wyly W5FL)
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:51:08 -0500
The purpose of the Capacitor is NOT a start capacitor.  It is a phase shift
capacitor to get as close to 90 degrees phase shift between the winding
phases in order to make the motor run as a two phase a.c. servomotor.  This
allows high starting torque and good running torque as well as constant
speed.  There is significant leeway in the exact capacitor value, but I
would not recommend putting two capacitors in parallel.

The best place for the capacitor is close to the motor.  I usually just
mount a plastic box a couple of feet below the rotator and use a capacitor
with lugs with the wires running up through a hole in the bottom of the box
with a drip loop.  I have never had to replace a capacitor, but it is easy
to do this way.

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Why are folks disconnecting the cap inside the control head?  twice the
capacitance isn't going to hurt
anything as best I can tell.

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