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Subject: [Towertalk] Fence fence go away
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Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:30:19 -0400
I sent this earlier, but it may not have made it, so I am reposting another 

Can anyone suggest a way to RF ground out a 2000 foot long fence that cut's 
accross my 80 Meter 4 sqr array's radial field just on the edge at about a 1/4 
wave distance??? The fence is a 4 foot high 12 GA wire wooven square fence 
commonly refered to as goat wire or field fence- Common stuff-. A goat can 
stick his head through it but that's about all-  It has adversely effected my 
array by causing the resonant point to jump up 200KHz, creates varying power 
port dumps ranging from 1-20% at resonance depending upon direction, and has 
lowered the SWR ot the two antennas in closest proximity (66 feet and 75 feet) 
down from 3.620MHz to around 3.555MHz. The other two antennas are still where 
they were at SWR wise.   Basically, the fence is loading up on the array and my 
F/B sucks-  I need to make the fence go away for RF and was thinking of 
attaching several 66 foot long ground radials to the fence in attempts to RF 
ground it out for 80 meters- I can move it as I put it up for our cattle 
operations, but I'd rather figure something else out.  If I do move it, can 
anyone suggest a reasonable distance?  It parallels the array on the west side. 
 The array is made up of 4 top loaded verticals with 60 ground radials each 
using a busline down the center.  A few of the radials of one the antennas 
actually go under the fence for a few feet- I eliminated all other possible 
causes, it has to be the fence- And since I am only using this for 75/80 
meters, I was hoping for a quick solution short of dragging the fence down- All 
in all, I would have to move about 400 feet of fence to redo things- It gets a 
bit pricey........Fence fence go away but how?

73  paul  N0AH  

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