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[Towertalk] W2AU Quads?

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Subject: [Towertalk] W2AU Quads?
From: (Robert Chudek K0RC)
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 07:56:41 -0500
Sounds similar to the Gotham yagi...  My 3-element 20 meter never made it to
the top of my tower in one piece...  I've still got pieces of the antenna in
my scrap box after 40 years!

73 de Bob - K0RC

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Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 5:32 PM
Subject: Re: [Towertalk] W2AU Quads?

> Yes, I had one. Bought it around in 1972 at a Harrison Radio
> Washington's Birthday sale. It was probably 10-20 years old at that
> time, but still in original carton.
> Worked well, when it wasn't broken (not often). Bottom line, it was a
> piece of junk. Vinyl coated bamboo spreaders, cast aluminum spiders.
> Broke regularly and I gave up on it after about a year. The only part that
> didn't break was the mast. What did I know, as a 15 year old kid?
> Barry W2UP
> On 12 Aug 2002 Jerry Keller wrote:
> > Everyone knows the W2AU baluns.... but does anyone remember the W2AU
> > Jerry K3BZ

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