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[Towertalk] More on the Ameritron RCS8V Antenna Switch

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Subject: [Towertalk] More on the Ameritron RCS8V Antenna Switch
From: (Frank Davis)
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:34:41 -0230
I prefer to have the unselected ports grounded to minimize any static =
charge  build up on the antennas during rain or snow from getting to the =
rig when any particular port is selected.  Also when the power is off =
all the antennas are grounded at the tower for a poor mans version of =
lighting protection.  (Fortunately ---- lighting in this area is very =

Operators who wish to use the switch in stacked arrays can still do so =
by applying the control voltage to more then one relay at a time leaving =
all the others grounded.   I have never used the relay in this =
configuration so can't vouch for its effectiveness.  In the operators =
manual the manufacturer describes this configuration for the switch.   =
One would merely have to place a jumper across the appropriate terminals =
a the back of the shack control unit to do this.  i.e  if the two =
antennas  were connected to ports 1 and 2 on the relay box at the tower =
-- then a jumper from terminal 1 to terminal 2 on the control unit (the =
easiest place to put it.) will bring up both relays when the switch is =
powered up with the selector knob on either position 1 or 2.

73 Frank VO1HP

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