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Subject: [Towertalk] Fence fence go away-
From: (Phil - KB9CRY)
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 05:37:39 -0500
As I've stated before, What does Jim Miller of Comtek Systems say? 
 Contact him; he and I discussed my near-in fence prior to me 
constructing my 4 sq last year.  I just grounded it in a few places and 
made sure that it was contiguous (is that the right word?) along its 
length.  Works like a champ.  Phil  KB9CRY  

Of course the fence is interacting with the array.  I'd think you'd have 
to make it invisible by detuning it like you'd detune a resonant tower 
that is close by. wrote:

>As a follow up on my 4 SR problems since installing a 3000 foot 4 foot high 
>goat wire fence within 60 feet on the west side of it, I have a question on 
>making the fence disappear.  Moving it will be tough, but if I ground it, will 
>it go away as far as the array is concerned?  To RF ground it as far as the 
>array is concerned,  I was thinking of attaching 66 foot redials to the bottom 
>of the fence, which is made up of 12 gauge woven wire, and running them out 
>away from the array.  Has anyone ever attempted to RF ground a fence of this 
>length?  Does the radial idea make sense?  The array is acting wacko and 
>everything else that could cause problems has been eliminated.  Symptoms of 
>the arrays problems include a raised resonant point from it's standard 200KHz 
>to 400KHz, varying power port dump readings from 1% to up to 20% at resonance, 
>and the individual resonant points of the two closest verticals, which 
>parallel the array on the west side, dropping from 3.620MHz to 3.577 and !
>3.543 respectively.  The two furthest verticals have not been directly 
>effected as far as resonant and SWR readings. The vertical closest to the 
>fence (66 feet) has the lower SWR and the other vertical which parallels the 
>fence on the west side (75 feet from fence) is the other that dropped.   And 
>oh yeah, the F/B sucks- Rather than moving 600 feet of fence, can anyone 
>suggest a creative solution?  Much appreciated-
>73  Paul  N0AH
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