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[Towertalk] HDR300 potentiometer

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Subject: [Towertalk] HDR300 potentiometer
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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 06:13:10 -0700
Anybody ever come up with a replacement for one of these?
Looks like the spot welds (?) between the contacts
and the resistive wire element have become intermittant. 

Manual say 3 turn pot but no value listed. Pot says 1K but
seems seems more like a 10 turn pot to me. No replacements 
listed on Hy-Gain page. 

I do have 10 turn 10K in my junk box. Can the resistor divider
network they use to feed the A/D in the control head be altered
to work with a 10K device?

Maybe it's just cheaper to buy a video camera and point it at the
rotor. :>)

dink, n7wa

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